12 Quotes from Women That Will Inspire Activism


Jan 19, 2015

12 Quotes from Women That Will Inspire Activism


Find the Facts “Knowing the statistics, knowing the truth, does it slow us down? Does it oppress us? Hell no. It actually fuels us.” -Alfre Woodard, Actor
Run “Don’t get mad. Get elected.” -Barbara Mikulski, US Senator
What She Said “Dig, push, and be bold.” -Connie Chung, Groundbreaking TV Journalist
Be One of the People “There’s no manual of how to get to equality. You don’t know what the important case or the important moment will be. But if you take it all on and there’s enough people, that magic moment will come.” -Eleanor Smeal, Co-founder and President, Feminist Majority Foundation 
Tell Your Story “Our stories can be enormously powerful, because they’re about living, real human beings, not about theoretical descriptions in feminist literature.” -Faye Wattleton, former president of Planned Parenthood of America 
Move Forward “In my experience, the choice to keep going is all you can do. It is the thing that separates people that change the world from those who make excuses for the status quo." -Gina Bianchini, Social Entrepreneur
Put Yourself in Other People's Shoes “Empathy is the most radical of human emotions.” -Gloria Steinem, Feminist Activist 
Take the Risk “You have something to contribute, and you have to take the risk to contribute it.” -Mae Jemison, First African-American Woman in Space
Pay it Forward "When you touch a girl's life, you touch not just her life, but also her community, her family, and what she thinks about the future." -Oprah Winfrey, Media Mogul and Philanthropist
Get Back Up “Don’t worry about failure. Failure is a badge of honor. It means you risked failure.” -Sarah Silverman, Comedian and Writer
Watch for Open Doors “You always have to keep persevering. Make yourself really skilled at something. And then when the other people get in trouble, they’re going to have to come to you because you have the answers. Sometimes you get a lucky break, and when you get those lucky breaks, you gotta walk through that door, because that door only stays open for a second.” -Temple Grandin Hear her story.

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