12 Times Diane Von Furstenberg Was the Epitome of Boss

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg has been setting trends for more than 40 years. In a recent Guardian profile, she encapsulated some of her experience, saying she's, "Old enough to have danced at Studio 54, young enough to be involved in the first design collaboration with Google." She's an expert not only in fashion but also at living with character. She's all for aging naturally, and she's done it with clear grace. As fashion week draws near, we felt we had to celebrate one of design's timeless personalities. She doesn't walk into a room, she embraces it. Learn her story with MAKERS below, and click through the gallery to see some of our favorite DVF looks. She's not just wearing pretty dresses.


1. When she and her Prince-husband of the time tried on clothes in the middle of the store.

2. When she attended a Wild West hoe down with spurs on her wrists.

3. When she wore this turtle hat in order to escape the paparazzi outside the grand opening of the Valentino Boutique in New York. 

4. When she made a plastic poncho look like couture.

5. When she made this very French face (though for the record, she's Belgian).

6. When she wore a giant headdress years before SJP.

7. When she was basically the only person on this plane, so evidemment she took up an entire row in order to look as sultry as possible.

8. When she stared down the camera on her giant, optical illusion-y bed.  

9. When she wore a custom DVF arm cast on the red carpet.

10. The time she happened to imitate her 2-year-old granddaughter, Talita, at the opening of her shop on West 12th Street.

11. When she pouted for a selfie with fellow designer Jennifer Meyer at the opening of her Journey of a Dress Exhibition.

12. When she incorporated Google Glass into her runway show in 2013. Always the exuberant risk-taker. Get more inspiration from DVF.