18-Year-Old Becca Longo Becomes First Woman to Receive an NCAA Football Scholarship

At just 18-years-old, Becca Longo has a future ahead of her that no other woman has ever seen — at least not until last week's signing ceremony at Basha High School in Arizona.

During the ceremony, Longo signed to play at Adams University in Alamosa, Colorado, making history as what is "believed to be the first female to receive a football scholarship to a Division II school or higher," according to TODAY.


New beginning

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Growing up, Longo had always admired her older football-playing brother and longed to play herself. By the time she reached her sophomore year of high school, she started playing competitively as the kicker.


Do it for those who said you couldn't

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Now, Longo will be joining "about a dozen women who have played college football," but will break the ceiling as the first with an NCAA football scholarship.

But, believe it or not, football season will not be her only busy-season as she has also signed to continue her basketball career during her "off" season.


Miss it already

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