This Career-Driven 2-Year-Old Girl Sees No Difference in Skin Color and It's Amazing

At a Target store in South Carolina, 2-year-old Sophia Benner was allowed to pick a prize of her choice after finishing her potty-training.

After she chose a doll from the toy aisle, Benner and her mom proceeded to the checkout counter and were halted by the clerk's question, "Wouldn't she rather have a doll that looked like her?"

The doll was black and Sophia is white. 

Before Sophia's mom, Brandi, could speak, Sophia said: "She does! She's a doctor; I'm a doctor. She is a pretty girl; I am a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? See her stethoscope?"

Her mom adds:

"She loves giving checkups, and if you come in the house, she'll tell you that’s the first thing you need," speaking about her daughter who took 20 minutes to pick out the "perfect doll" as Women in the World puts it. "She kept going back to the doctor doll, because in her mind, she is already a doctor."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Brandi Benner