Why Have the 2016 Summer Games Received Such Sexist Commentary?

With the 2016 Summer Olympics well underway, the coverage, while abundant, is also receiving critical commentary for being sexist.

From husbands getting credit for their wives' successes, to women being told that they play their sport "like a man" just because they won a medal — something they presume a woman could not achieve — these far from subtle digs show exactly why feminism is so important.

But, why has this been so prominent in this year's Olympics? Are we just now truly noticing how much of a problem sexism is in today's society? Or, is it just worse this year than it has ever been before?

Either way, as The Huffington Post puts it, "the media covering the 2016 Rio Games is proving that sexism is, lamentably, still a thing."

The good news? Social media users are not letting any of it slide, hoping media outlets will be a little more aware of their word choices moving forward.

Those who read this Chicago Tribune article referring to Olympian medalist, Corey Cogdell as "wife of Bear's lineman," had a lot to say.

Not to mention the fact that world-record setting Katinka Hosszu's husband was referred to as "responsible" for Hosszu's success.

Or when Katie Ledecky broke a world record, but Michael Phelps tying for silver was more worthy of headlines:

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