This 22 Year Old Just Donated Part of Her Liver to Save the Infant She Babysits

This 22 Year Old Just Donated Part of Her Liver to Save the Infant She Babysits


Feb 1, 2017

College student Kiersten Miles donated part of her liver, saving the life of the 16-month-old child she babysits for.

Last June, just three weeks after babysitting for the three Rosko children, the 22 year old found out that the youngest child, Talia, needed an immediate liver transplant and would die without one.

Miles immediately wanted to find out if she was a match, and after finding out she was, she was eager to become Talia's organ donor.

"It's such a small sacrifice when you compare it to saving a life. Some of her doctors said she possibly wouldn’t have made it past 2 years old. All I had to do was be in the hospital for a week and a 5-inch scar. I don't know, it just seemed like a small sacrifice to me," Miles told Fox.

Talia suffers from biliary atresia, where the liver's ducts back up with bile leading to cell destruction and ultimate liver destruction.

The fourteen-hour transplant that took place on January 11 at the University of Pennsylvania hospital was a success. Doctors say Miles' liver will bounce back in the next five weeks as she is still recovering and that Talia has already recovered in only nine days.

"I can never donate again, so they had to tell me in the future so if I have a child in a similar situation or a different one and they need a liver even if I'm a 100 percent match I can't donate. You can only donate once," she told Fox.

Miles, the New Jersey native, hopes to raise awareness for the need of organ donors.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Farra Gelato Rosko

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