5 Quotes From Justice Sonia Sotomayor That Will Inspire You to Fight for Equality

5 Quotes From Justice Sonia Sotomayor That Will Inspire You to Fight for Equality


Apr 10, 2017

In a conversation with the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor opened up about "the crucial role that civic engagement plays in our society and ways to inspire civic action by all Americans" following the outcome of the 2016 election.

Speaking with Abigail Golden-Vazquez, Sotomayor also opened up about Latino identity, breaking down barriers, and moving forward. Here are five quotes that will inspire you to fight for equality, regardless of who you are or what you believe:

1. "We are never going to reach equality in America until we achieve equality in education."
2. "None of us can afford to be bystanders in life."
3. "Those people who believe that everyone must pull themselves up — they don’t believe that people are entitled to help. For those of us who understand that sometimes no matter how tall the heel on your boot is, the barrier is so high that you need a small lift to help you get over it — they will understand that the inequalities in society build that barrier so high. Unless you do something to knock it down or help that person up, they will never have a chance."

4. "There are two questions I ask myself every day. One is: what have I learned today?... The second is: who have I helped today?"
5. "If we give up hope, we have nothing left to live for. There’s too much at stake for the people I love. For the community that is such an integral part of who I am. For the children who want to grow up and have the world I want and the future I imagine for them. My life is worth my effort, and so is yours."

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Photo Credit: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

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