9 T-Shirts to Celebrate Women’s History Month All Year Long

9 T-Shirts to Celebrate Women’s History Month All Year Long


Mar 18, 2015

Everyday representations of history-making women are becoming more frequent, whether they're depicted in LEGO form or via necessary biopics. It's exciting to find ourselves increasingly surrounded by powerful, inspiring women. Maybe it's an effect of Women's History Month, but we like to think this show of solidarity will become a year-round thing.

As founder of Latina Magazine Christy Haubegger says, one way to make progress in representation is by sharing one thing that surprises you, or one thing that makes positive progress, a day. "Don't just share it with other women," she said at SXSW. "Share it with men." T-shirts might be the most easily shareable message board, and they're handy IRL conversation starters. We found a few designs that make sharing #herstory an easy feat, whether you're excited about astronauts, riot grrrls, or RBG.

Featured image: Ashley Judd in Chicago, ca. 2002

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