9 T-Shirts to Celebrate Women’s History Month All Year Long


Mar 18, 2015

9 T-Shirts to Celebrate Women’s History Month All Year Long

Everyday representations of history-making women are becoming more frequent, whether they're depicted in LEGO form or via necessary biopics. It's exciting to find ourselves increasingly surrounded by powerful, inspiring women. Maybe it's an effect of Women's History Month, but we like to think this show of solidarity will become a year-round thing.

As founder of Latina Magazine Christy Haubegger says, one way to make progress in representation is by sharing one thing that surprises you, or one thing that makes positive progress, a day. "Don't just share it with other women," she said at SXSW. "Share it with men." T-shirts might be the most easily shareable message board, and they're handy IRL conversation starters. We found a few designs that make sharing #herstory an easy feat, whether you're excited about astronauts, riot grrrls, or RBG.

Featured image: Ashley Judd in Chicago, ca. 2002


“The Suffragette Shirt” remembers the women who fought for our right to vote in 1920 and before. As the t-shirt-maker states, “It is a conversation starter for those who have forgotten the significance of their fight, or have never learned about it. It is a reminder of the inequality that still exists and how much more work we have to do.” Plus, 20% of the proceeds are donated to Girls Inc! 
There’s an amazing line of RBG-wear, but the classic Notorious RBG T is still our favorite. Ruth Bader Ginsburg approves too, you know.
The Feminist Alphabet Series aims to “promote awareness and knowledge of inspirational and important women int he world.” “A” is for poet Audre Lorde, “E” is for political activist Emma Goldman. Better than Pokemon, but similar in that you definitely have to catch them all. 
Feeling punk? Rep the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s with this Bikini Kill shirt. Kathleen Hanna would be proud. 
This shirt depicts “the original goddesses,” Audre Lorde, Gloria E. Anzaldua, Angela Davis, and bell hooks. Irresistible, and endorsed by Willow Smith.
Carrie Meek was the first African-American woman elected to the Florida Senate. As a state representative, she introduced a bill that criminalized stalking. She also helped construct thousands of affordable rental housing units in Florida. She was eventually elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, the first black lawmaker to represent Florida since Reconstruction. She wore this incredible t-shirt; you can get your own version here.  
Feminist activist Gloria Steinem and leading child-care advocate Dorothy Pitman Hughes went on national speaking tours together for the women’s movement in 1970. This portrait was taken for Esquire magazine in 1971. According to the National Portrait Gallery, “Steinem and Hughes signal their solidarity with the raised-fist salute first popularized by members of the Black Power movement.” Rep the cause—and remind people of the history—with Nylon’s Girl Power tee.
Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman in space. Share her story by wearing this t-shirt year round. It includes her quote, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” 
Rosa Parks: civil rights activist, advocate for women, member of the NAACP, and rebel. This shirt captures her steely mugshot stare and the moment she truly changed history for good. 

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