9 Year Old Football Star Sam Gordon Sets Record, Gets Her Own Wheaties Box

She's nine. She's a girl. And you've never seen a football player like her.


Samantha Gordon not only plays football with the boys, she just finished a record season. After running for more than 2,000 yards and scoring 35 touchdowns, “Sweet Feet” Gordon also scored another very special trophy: her own Wheaties Box.

So how did such a young athlete gather enough attention to be rewarded with something that athletes such as Michael Jordan have achieved? YouTube. When Samantha's father posted a highlight reel of her on YouTube, it spread quickly. And now, with more than 2 million views, Samantha has garnered a fan base.

After switching from soccer to co-ed football, it was evident that Samantha didn’t mind getting rough on the field. On top of her offensive success, Samantha also has 65 tackles, some of which her father was scared people wouldn’t want to watch. But the opposite happened. People couldn't get enough of the YouTube sensation.

And now that her face is going to appear on a special Wheaties box, Samantha's fame has only grown. She recently stopped by both Good Morning America and SportsCenter, where she talked about her favorite part of the game.

"Being the girl out there and scoring on the boys and the boys being like, 'Dangit, I just got beat by a girl!'" she said.


Shall we call her a Jr. MAKER?

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