This 9-Year-Old Girl Asked Obama to Put a Woman on the $20 Bill

Nonprofit organization Women on 20s, has continued to grow since we last reported on them. Celebrities such as Susan Sarandon have shown their full support of the organization’s efforts and beliefs on social media. Other supporters from all walks of life have been proudly voicing their opinions as well.

9-year-old Sofia from Massachusetts was just named a junior ambassador for Women on 20s. Sofia’s interest developed when her class studied historical figures last spring. She asked her mother if she could write a letter to the President about putting important women on U.S. currency.


They heard nothing at first, until late July when Obama mentioned her letter while speaking about the economy during a speech in Kansas City, Missouri. “A young girl wrote to ask me why aren’t there any women on currency, and then she gave me like a long list of possible women to put on our dollar bills and quarters and stuff – which I thought was a pretty good idea.” Said the President. Sofia expressed great joy after hearing the news.


The campaign continues to spread by reaching other classrooms, like Sofia’s, across the country. Women on 20s voters have narrowed down possible candidates to appear on the 20-dollar bill. The final four includes Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Wilma Mankiller, and Rosa Parks. Vote for your favorite here.