Is This Abby Wambach's New Opponent?

Soccer phenom Abby Wambach may have taken to the field for the last time in December, but she hasn't quit the sport entirely. 

Wambach has been approached to join FIFA, following the eight-year suspension of former FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

While Wambach has applauded FIFA's Female Leadership Development Programme, stating that "anything FIFA's doing to promote inclusion of women in decision-making roles is fantastic," she's quick to suggest that the organization would probably veer away from recruiting Wambach to join the organization in the immediate future.

Wambach has joined fellow female players like Carli Lloyd, Mary Harvey, and Moya Dodda, to advocate for more retired women soccer players to take on leadership positions within FIFA.

"You're talking about FIFA — it's a federation that has produced some of the most powerful women on the planet. Use them as a resource!" Wambach said.

The soccer legend, who holds the record as the highest scorer ever of male and female players in international competition, went on to say that the absence of women in FIFA positions is "laughable," considering all the milestones and successes recognized in women's soccer.

In addition to a proposed 50-50 gender split among FIFA executives, Wambach is also advocating for the organization to make a push for more ethnic and religious diversity as well.

Wambach's agenda to broaden women's roles within FIFA aligns with her mission to pay her legacy forward by helping the next generation of women soccer players succeed in even greater numbers.

"I want to leave a legacy where the ball keeps rolling forward. Where the next generation accomplishes things so great that I'm no longer remembered. So, forget me ... Because the day I'm forgotten, is the day we will succeed," Wambach narrated in her "Win From Within" Gatorade commercial.

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert