This Is Why Abby Wambach Is Urging Everyone to "Forget My Name"

Gatorade's new commercial series, "Win From Within," premiered Wednesday night, and soccer sensation Abby Wambach starred in the debut commercial.

Wednesday also marked Wambach's retirement from the U.S. women's soccer team after an impressive career where she was hailed the all-time lead scorer on the team.

Gatorade celebrated her achievements by featuring her in its commercial which shows Wambach prepping for what will be her final U.S women's soccer game ever.

As the former USWNT player narrates the commercial, speaking briefly about the defeats and triumphs she encountered along the way, she urges viewers to "forget" her name.

"Forget me, forget my number, forget my name, forget I ever existed. Forget the medals won or the records broken and the sacrifices made," Wambach states in the opening of the commercial.

She continues to harp on the importance of leaving her name behind in hopes of inspiring the next generation of women soccer players to make names for themselves both on and off the field.

"I want to leave a legacy where the ball keeps rolling forward. Where the next generation accomplishes things so great that I'm no longer remembered. So, forget me ... Because the day I’m forgotten, is the day we will succeed."

Hours before the commercial aired and her final match kicked off, Wambach disabled her social media accounts, leaving her followers and supporters with one final message: "Make them forget me."

Wambach finished her long career with the national team with a total of 184 goals — a record for both men and women in the international soccer community.

Check out the full commercial below.

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Photo Credit: Chris Graythen via Getty Images