How Can We Feature More Female Superheroes In Movies? This Video Has the Answer

It seems that there's always a new superhero movie coming out. So, can someone explain to us why there aren't any recent movies focusing on female superheroes? If they can save the day in print in comics, we're pretty sure that they can do the same on the big screen. 

Luckily, this video below from Above Average has the answer to this dilemma in Hollywood.

The answer to probably all of our sexist entertainment woes is that we simply need more women working behind the scenes to ensure fair representation. We need more women to make movies, but we also need more women in power to allow the right films to be made.

In the video, we follow a female film producer as she goes head-to-head with sexist men within the industry. In true heroine fashion, she doesn't back down and ends the video on a heroic note. 

Watch Above Average's "The Greenlighter" below:

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