Absolutely Fabulous Is Back, Sweetie Darling!

Absolutely Fabulous Is Back, Sweetie Darling!


Jun 29, 2016

In 1992, “Absolutely Fabulous”, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders’ take on the exuberant and excessive world of fashion PR and the Notting Hill set became a household name. The sitcom – which looked at the lavish impracticalities of industries that were and still are as much about air-kissing as serious business acumen – didn’t only mock typically female industries, but did so lovingly. The friendship between “sweetie, darlings” Patsy Stone and Eddie Monsoon was a riot, and the connection between Eddie and her long-suffering daughter Saffy, a nerd in this household of hedonism and loucheness, was an equally fun straight-man, and perhaps a precursor to the way so many young people would feel about the baby boomers come 2016. Enter stage right, in towering heels and more self-awareness than “Sex and the City” ever did muster … “Absolutely Fabulous”, the film. Featuring 60 cameo roles from everyone who’s who in the fashion world today – including the great Kate Moss, who features in a green sequin dress, emerging from the Thames, fag in hand, Bolly (Bollinger) in the other – it premiered this week in London and is set to take the box office by storm. Positive reviews have been rolling in, but make sure to check out a preview of the film for yourself!

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Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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