The Brave Stories Behind the Women Working at Sheroes' Hangout

The women at Sheroes' Hangout are serving up more than just a cup of joe — they are also sharing their personal stories of courage and bravery.

Each of the women who operate the café are acid attack survivors.

According to Take Part, Chanchal Kumari, Rupa, Ritu Saini, Gita ahor, and Neetu Mahor each lived a secluded life in their homes for several years, dealing with the pain of a charred face and a scarred soul.

That was until they discovered the "Stop Acid Attacks" (SAA) Facebook campaign.

"Stop Acid Attacks" works with acid attack survivors in India, assisting them with legal and medical issues and helping them deal with the trauma of attack. Sheroes' Hangout is one of SAA's initiatives.

According to The National Crime Records Bureau, more than 1,000 acid attack crimes are committed around the country each year.

However, many of the attacks go unreported because girls fear being attacked again.

The objective of Sheroes' Hangout is to provide skills training in the subject that each survivor is interested in.

"My life changed ever since I joined SAA," Saini said. "With the emotional support I received, I regained the confidence to go out with my face uncovered. Now I don't care what people think of my disfigured face."

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Photo Credit: Sheroes' Hangout Facebook