Actress Brie Larson Wants More Female Directors in Hollywood

It is no secret that Hollywood doesn't have equal representation (in any aspect) across all roles. Whether you are in acting, production, casting, or other positions, gender inequality is evident.

Each year, more and more women speak out, demanding we make an effort to close gender gaps. Most recently, "Kong: Skull Island" star Brie Larson joined the movement.

"I love that we're seeing stronger women on the screen, but I don't think that's the end of this conversation," Larson told BBC News. "I think the best place to start would be more female film directors — more female filmmakers of every different type of race."

Having directed her own film, "Unicorn Store," set to release this year, Larson points out one of Hollywood's greatest problems. Having more women behind the camera, will inevitably allow more women in front of the camera, in more female-driven films and television series.

"We need to get out of these binary ways of thinking," Larson continued. "We need more intersectionality. We need more unique voices, because... I think the way we can connect and learn more is seeing the world through other people's eyes."

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Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images