Adobe Expands Maternity Leave to 26 Weeks

Last week, media provider Netflix took charge of its leave policies, extending its maternity and paternity leave time to "unlimited" during a newborn's first year causing shock waves around Silicon Valley and beyond.

Now, software company Adobe is following in the footsteps of the likes of Netflix and Microsoft, by becoming the third tech company in the last week to revamp its leave policies.

The New York Times reported on Monday that under the new policy change, new moms at Adobe will now be offered 26 weeks of paid maternity leave — nearly doubling its previous leave policy. The new policy is also expanded to 16 weeks for primary caregivers and four weeks for secondary caregivers. 

The company denied its timely release as a response to the Netflix and Microsoft announcements. Senior Vice President of Adobe, Donna Morris, told Reuters in an interview last week, "We join an industry movement to better support our employees while striving towards increased workforce diversity."

According to The Atlantic, the U.S. is currently one of only four countries in the world that does not guarantee the right to paid maternity leave.

With leading tech companies playing catch-up, the tech world is bound to take more notice of these initiatives to better accommodate new mothers and the ever-evolving definitions of parenthood. 

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Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images