Here's All the Advice You Can Take From Uzo Aduba's Letter to Her 18-Year-Old Self

In a video for Teen Vogue, Uzo Aduba — or "Crazy Eyes" from "Orange Is the New Black" — recited a powerful letter she wrote (and recorded) for her once 18-year-old self.

"Uzo Aduba is so convincing as Crazy Eyes, you'd be surprised to learn she's nothing like her character in real life. Where Crazy Eyes is childlike and emotionally unstable, Uzo radiates confidence and grace," Jessica C. Andrews wrote of Aduba's elegance in her video.

In a mix of honest advice and jokes about recreating this video to herself every ten years, Aduba uses this elegance to show how "I can" can become "I did." Here are all the themes on which she touches.

On setting the bar high
"Don't climb down from where your bar is set. Demand the respect, love, care, honor, queen-dom that you were given and born into this world deserving." 2. On love: "I think that's the risk we have to take to reach the side of greatness. And that's where love lives."

On heartbreak
"Even though you've felt it, dare to love again."

On role models
"Having a female support next to you, a female strength next to you, is going to encourage you to be a better person, it is going to empower you, it's going to uplift you, it's going to inspire you, and it's going to create an aspirational environment for you. That is what women do for women, so lean in to that."

On friendship
"They are the most valuable thing in your life second only to family. Do not throw away a good friend."

On listening to your mother
"Your mom is about to give you the best advice of your life."

On knowing your worth
"You are valuable and you are loved... Never lose site of that... Always know your worth and stand firm in that... There is nothing wrong with knowing who you are."

Watch the full video below to see for yourself:

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