These Affirming, Empowering Post-It Messages Women are Leaving Each Other at Google Will Warm Your Heart

Guys might make fun of women for bringing their girlfriends with them to the bathroom, but as many of us know, there's a certain kind of female solidarity that exists only in the ladies room. You bring your friend with you for a pep talk when her ex and his new girlfriend show up at the bar. You tell coworkers how much you love their new shoes at the sink. It's a place, where, in desperation, you can ask a perfect stranger for a tampon (and receive one!). On bad days, it's a space to just take a deep breath before going back out to an anxiety-inducing situation — or a private spot to shed a tear or two. And employees in Google's San Francisco offices late last week were capitalizing on the idea of this specific space for solidarity in a really unique way.

On Friday, Post-It notes that encouraged women to support each other appeared on the bathroom mirrors of women's restrooms on the office campus. No one knows who started it, but the messages are affirming, uplifting and supportive: "Be brave. You got this." "I'm with you." "Use your voice. It matters." "Be your best self today." "Everything about you is beautiful." Another note invites women to contribute: "Please leave a note. This is a safe space."


We are enough and we will fight back. #pussygrabsback

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This is not a post about politics. This is a post about pain. Pain that you and/or others around you are in. Pain that fear, anger, division, uncertainty, disappointment, heartache, and pain itself - all of it is real. It's valid. And it sucks. . But this is also a post about hope. Hope that swept over me when I walked into this women's restroom and saw the solidarity between strangers, reminding each other that we are valued, we are capable, and we are fighters. Hope that we can instill in both ourselves and others, knowing that our inborn dignity was never given to us by laws or people who govern. Hope that as long as we hold onto hope... each of us can fight for what is right, and stand for what is Love. . "I know God is in control. But so did Jesus when he wept for Lazarus." - @lecrae . #compassion #ImWithYou

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Nov 11, 2016 at 10:56pm PST

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