This Former Child Bride's Novel Is Becoming a Bestseller in Afghanistan

This former child bride wrote a book largely based on her harrowing journey and her novel is on its way to becoming a bestseller throughout Afghanistan.

"It's impossible for Afghan women to read this book and not find an issue that reflects their life story," said Zahra Yaganah in an interview. "Women can find their path, despite all the problems they have."

"Light of Ashes" released in March, nearly sold out its first 1,000 copies over three months and has become one of the fastest sellers in Afghanistan.

It is part memoir and part-fiction, beginning with Yaganah’s escape from her marriage to a man twice her age, to the fictionalized portrayal of Yaganah's daughter Narges who suffers from a disorder at the age of 4.

Yaganah's life is nothing short of a triumph over the odds. She endured beatings, marital sex which she likens to rape, and had to work to support her husband’s drug habit. One day when she did not bring her husband money, she came back to her home on fire.

It was then when she realized enough was enough.

Neighbors soon rescued her and her two children. Yaganah then fled to Kabul and filed for a divorce, later establishing a completely new life and writing a new book that will surely influence and inspire young women and girls.

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Photo Credit: Zahra Yaganah / Facebook