These Girls Are Changing the World, One Skateboard at a Time

Afghanistan's first skateboarding school Skateistan is launching a new platform for young girls to create their own futures. 

Although the school welcomes both young boys and girls, the founder of organization Oliver Percovich notes that girls in particular are thriving in the country's non-traditional setting.

Skateistan's mission statement is to use skateboarding "as a tool for empowering youth,to create new opportunities and the potential for change."

Here are some quick facts about Skateistan from the organization's website:

  • Over 40 percent of students are girls.
  • Students range from ages 5-25
  • More than 60 percent of our students are low-income youth
  • Afghan girls can’t ride a bike but can ride a skateboard

"The people who think skateboarding is only for boys are wrong.The word sport means that girls and boys can play together," says 9-year-old student Kim Eag.

Since launching in 2007, the organization has expanded to Cambodia and South Africa.

Check out more behind-the-scene Instagram photos from the organization below. 

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