The First Airline Founded By a Black Woman Is Taking Off Internationally

Women have been breaking through the aviation industry from an all-female flight crew landing in Saudi Arabia — where they can't legally drive — to the incredible legacies of pioneers like Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman.

This month, we are adding another historic milestone to this list. The first airline founded by a black woman will be going international. Fly Blue Crane has been operating within South Africa since September but on May 13, it will be launching its first international flight from Cape Town to Windhoek, the largest city in the Republic of Namibia.


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#FlyBlueCrane ground team ready to offer customers a fresh approach to air travel!

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The airline is led by CEO, Sizakele Mzimela, who is the first black executive vice president of South African Airways and the first woman to be selected to the Board of the International Air Transport Association.


#FlyBlueCrane CEO Siza Mzimela shares the airline's vision with CNBC Africa's Timothy Maurice

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Mzimela has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. She offered some crucial advice to girls hoping to pursue a career in aviation.

"You have to accept up front that your road will be more difficult than the pale white male sitting next to you," she said in an interview"It's your job to say 'nothing will stop me. I'm going to make it.'"

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