7 Amazing TED Talks Every Woman in Her 30s Should Watch

By Alexandria Butler

While our 20s are for career exploration, party-hopping, and a handful of panic-filled adult moments, our 30s introduce an exciting freedom: You don't feel pressure to take that last tequila shot while out with friends. You no longer buy every piece of furniture at Ikea. A night spent at home isn’t depressing, it’s bliss. Not to mention, the 30s are when we master professional skills and balance the personal stuff. Whether you’re eyeing that next promotion or navigating parenthood, these TED Talks are just what you need to celebrate (and capitalize) on this newfound freedom. Press play and soak up comical yet no-nonsense tips that will encourage you to live these years as passionately as possible.  

1. Jill Shargaa: Be Awesome

In this hilarious presentation, comedian Jill Shargaa explains how to identify an accomplishment that is truly impressive versus small wins that are positive but not necessarily exceptional. As 20-somethings, it is easy to think of every accomplishment as life-changing. But in your 30s, it is key to rank your experiences and award only the highest wins with the moniker of “awesome.”

2. Susan Colantuono: The Career Advice You’re Not Getting

You're no longer the recent college grad in the office, but you’re not quite yet the senior VP. What separates you from the pack? Get the insight no one else will give you thanks to this talk about aligning your professional strengths with your company’s high-level goals. The result? #BossStatus

3. David Grady: How To Save The World From Bad Meetings

We’ve all been there: sitting in yet another boring meeting and daydreaming that we were somewhere else (the beaches of Cancun sure are nice this time of year). David Grady breaks down “Bad Meeting Etiquette” and challenges us to follow his best practices so we can be more productive and leave the daydreaming behind.

4. Candy Chang: Before I Die, I Want To…

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily routine. It’s even easier to let go of your dreams because they are too expensive, too time-consuming, or just too darn scary. Grab a marker and write in big bold letters, “Before I die, I want to…” Candy Chang pushes us to go after our dreams, fears be damned, before it is too late.

5. Mellody Hobson: Color Blind vs. Color Brave

The president of Ariel Investments encourages us to confront controversial conversations instead of running from them. Hobson says the key is to understand that differences in professional settings can create a positive environment for employees. This 14-minute talk is a must for managers and will make you think about your personal biases and how to overcome them to be a better leader.

6. Jennifer Senior: For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar

Many 30-somethings are in that “starting a family” stage, filled with anxiety over raising healthy and happy children. But no need to head to the bookstore to troll through opinionated parenting tomes. In just under 20 minutes, Jennifer Senior discusses her journey to find happiness for her 6-year-old and discovers how that perfect journey is hopeless. Why? Because life is not about happiness, it’s about mistakes.

7. Lainey Lui: The Art of Gossip

Prepare to have everything you’ve ever thought about gossip be refuted. According to Lainey Lui, gossip (at the watercooler or at happy hour) actually positively impacts our world.  In fact, after watching this talk, Lainey will be your new imaginary bestie. You’ll never look at your office or your coworkers the same way.

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Photo Credit: Marla Aufmuth via Getty Images