Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Appoints First Female Tech Advisor

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Appoints First Female Tech Advisor


May 21, 2015

Maria Renz was recently appointed technical adviser to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, making her the first female to hold this coveted position.

The high-ranking role entails being the CEO’s “shadow,” which includes sitting by his side at daily meetings and weighing in on major decisions, reports Re/Code.

Renz was most recently CEO of Quidsi, the parent company of, which is owned by Amazon.

Bezos’ previous shadow, Jay Marine, will lead Amazon Instant Video’s efforts in Europe, reports Fortune. So far, only one other woman at Amazon holds an executive officer position, Worldwide Controller Shelley Reynolds. 

After shadows complete their two-year role, most of them go on to oversee the company’s most major initiatives. Renz’s position also comes at a time when diversity is in desperate need of growth in the workforce, especially in the tech industry.

This won’t be the last time we hear about women landing highly coveted roles in tech.


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