Amy Schumer Addresses Natural Beauty Standards in the Best Way

We don’t know about you, but we have a hard time believing that everyone simply “woke up like this.” Judging by the latest episode of Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer," we think the comedian also agrees. Inspired by One Direction’s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful,” the episode's “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” sketch brilliantly addresses why these types of pop songs can be misleading.

At first, the faux-boy band encourages Schumer to embrace her “real” face. After she removes her makeup, they’re horrified to see that her natural beauty doesn't live up to their expectations. The song does a 180-degree turn by urging Schumer to cake on makeup.

Between questionably flawless #nomakeupselfies on social media and contouring tricks that mimic a natural look, the last thing anyone needs is a catchy pop song to further confuse the definition of beauty. Whether you love applying makeup or dread the thought of it, you should feel free to happily rock any look you like. Watch the entire sketch below.

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