Amy Schumer Forever: How Her "Friday Night Lights" Parody Tackled Rape

Amy Schumer’s brand of comedy is anything but subtle. So it’s no surprise that Season 3 of “Inside Amy Schumer” kicked off with a spread of eyebrow-raising sketches. The most controversial moment during the premiere was a sketch about rape. In "Football Town Nights," a parody of “Friday Night Lights,” Schumer channeled her inner Tami Taylor by playing the constantly wine-drunk Mrs. Coach. Josh Charles played the new football coach who informed his team that they should stop raping girls. This leads to an explosion of anger and ridiculous “what if?” scenarios from both athletes and parents. 

The parody spanned over 5 minutes, which is more than enough time to ruffle a few feathers. But during a panel at Tribeca Film Festival, Schumer made it clear that her intention is to educate, The Huffington Post reports.

"You can maybe look at that scene and think we’re making light of something serious, but we really are trying to educate, but that’s not always clear," Schumer says. "We’re doing our best to have people not check out or be offended, but still get the message and laugh."

We totally think Tami Taylor would agree with all of this. 

Watch the entire sketch: 


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