Amy Schumer Announces Plan to End Gun Violence With #AimingForChange Campaign

By Jillian Kramer

After a lone gunman in August fatally shot two women watching "Trainwreck" in a Louisiana movie theater, Amy Schumer vowed to end gun violence — and this week, the actress and comedian began to make good on that promise.

On Sunday, Schumer and her cousin, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, stood on the steps New York's City Hall and announced their "crusade against guns," a political and social media campaign that urges lawmakers to back the senator's proposed gun control bill—a measure that would ensure stricter background checks and crackdowns on illegal gun sales, and would prevent domestic violence abusers from obtaining guns. The bill, according to People, would also reward states for submitting all required records to the background check system, and penalize states that fail to do so. You can see the basic tenants of the bill here, published on the star's Instagram account.

In conjunction with the senator's political push, Schumer launched the hashtag #AimingForChange across her social media platforms, encouraging her followers to join her and the senator "in ending gun violence and tweet the hashtag #AimingForChange" on Twitter, adding, "we can do this."

With two million Twitter followers — and nearly as many on Instagram and Facebook — Schumer is hoping her social media presence can create a groundswell that forces a vote on the senator's bill early next year, according to the Associated Press. She wrote on Instagram, "Please write your congress people. We need a public outcry. There have been 100 shootings since Lafayette."

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