Are Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Assembling Their Own Celebrity Squad?

By Josh Duboff

Well, as if Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer weren't overwhelmingly likable enough on their own, they added two of Hollywood’s other most likable players to the mix this weekend: former "Parks and Recreation" co-stars Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari. Pratt is currently filming the sci-fi film Passengers with Lawrence (will the Internet be able to withstand the press tour for that film?! Seems unlikely). And, thanks to some Instagram videos posted this weekend, we know that the foursome was hanging out in some sort of capacity over the past few days.

Ansari posted a short clip on his account Sunday in which he swings in and out of frame, while Pratt does that Pratt-y smoldering stare-down thing he has pretty much perfected at this point.

Ansari's caption: "CHRIS PRATT AND AZIZ ANSARI present... 'hi guys' a short film. Directed by Jennifer Lawrence / Director of Photography @amyschumer / Written by @azizansari, @prattprattpratt,@kimcaramele, @amyschumer." (Watch Jennifer Lawrence manage to get nominated for a Best Director Oscar for this.)

And then Schumer shared a video of Ansari and Lawrence barging into Schumer's room to wake her up (caption: "This morning @azizansari and Jen woke up an angel #sleepmanager").


This morning @azizansari and Jen woke up an angel #sleepmanager

A video posted by @amyschumer on

"Writing time!" Ansari shouts, indicating this weekend may have been, perhaps, in part, a working weekend for Schumer and Lawrence, who are — as you no doubt are well aware if you have so much as tip-toed into the blogosphere in the past few weeks — writing a screenplay together.

What else does a foursome like this one get up to when they’re together? Do they prank-call Amy Poehler? Do they jump on trampolines and feast on bacon ice cream? (Not sure where that came from; it just seems right.) Do they scroll through the Instagram feeds of people they don’t even know very well and say things like, "Uh, how does she think these are normal pictures to post?!," like the rest of us do?

And one last thought: perhaps the most exciting aspect of this Schumer-Lawrence friendship is that now we’re getting all this ("all this") insight into the life of the social-media-shunning Lawrence, thanks to her cameos in Schumer's posts!

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