See Amy Schumer's Stunning Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair recently revealed their May cover featuring comedian, writer, and actress Amy Schumer. In her cover story, Schumer reveals how she is now navigating friendships, a new romance, and a new cause in her life.

On keeping "Inside Amy Schumer" true to her
"That's not a major theme this season," she said, shrugging off the idea. And we're really sensitive to that, because nobody's like, 'Tell us more about what it's like to be a famous person!' But there is that too. It’s like my experience now is of a normal woman, who's 34, who's in a relationship, and then I'm also still a pretty newly famous person, and that’s what I want to talk about onstage."

"I want to be honest about what's going on with me" — she flies private, too — "and not be like, 'I'm still just like you!' I don't know. I’m trying to navigate it honestly and figure it out."

On the shooting at the "Trainwreck" premiere
She knew intellectually that she had nothing to do with the shooting, but friends who reached out and tried to comfort her, telling her the shooting wasn't her "fault," only made it worse.

"I just felt helpless and stupid," she said, adding that anger soon followed. She contacted the victims' families and made donations on their behalf. She also vowed to work toward ending gun violence and began educating herself on the issue. Her cousin, a senator, reached out to her. "I got a call," she said, "And he was like, 'Amy, this is your cousin Chuck.' And I said, 'I hope this is you asking me to help with guns.' He laughed. 'Yeah, that's what this is.' I was like, 'Let's go. Let's do it.'"

On how she would like to spend a day
"I would love to do nothing, like waking up and not knowing what you're going to do that day." She sighed. "The other day I was so overwhelmed I left work an hour early and I just went and watched 'Labyrinth' on my sister's couch. 'Labyrinth'? The 1986 Jim Henson movie in which David Bowie played a goblin king with a wig that made him look like an evil blond mushroom? I mean, the movie's weird, but it just felt so good to just lay there, while it was still light out, and watch a movie."

Read the full story here.

The issue hits newsstands nationwide on May 3.


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