Anna Kendrick Starts a Movement with the Poster for Pitch Perfect 2

When it came time to pose for the Pitch Perfect 2 poster, Anna Kendrick acted accordingly. Her character Beca is “a badass,” Kendrick says, so the actress refused to pose sexily like the shoot directors wanted her to. Instead, she crossed her arms and stared directly at the camera, one eyebrow slightly arched. And she started a movement.

Girls across the country are mimicking Beca’s stance, tagging their posts #BossPitch. Kendrick has collaged the photos and posted them on her Instagram, captioned with encouraging comments like, “Love that you guys embrace Beca the badass!” And “Love this. Keep it up nerds.”

Anna Kendrick has proved her badass stance before, when she told The Daily Beast her honest thoughts on feminism. “Why are we afraid of that word?” She wondered. “It exists and we can’t get rid of it, so let’s fight for it and embrace it.”


The PHOTOSHOP!!! That's serious commitment! I love it!

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Sure, this is great movie promotion, but it's also genuinely aca-amazing to see so many girls asserting themselves as #BossPitches. We don't get enough girl-centric power plays in entertainment, and we're glad to see Anna Kendrick uplifting her badass fans. 


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