Anne Fulenwider interviews comedian Chelsea Handler

Anne Fulenwider, Editor in Chief of Marie Claire, sat down to talk to comedian and television host Chelsea Handler at The MAKERS Conference this afternoon. Fulenwider asked Handler to share the story of how she got into comedy. Handler said that most "people are more fearful of getting shot by a firing squad than speaking in public" and admitted that she used to feel the same way.

"There are different phases of fear, and I've experienced so many of them. You get fearful when you least expect it."

Handler described overcoming her fear of public speaking in this way: "Moments that come to you in your life that you've dreamt about your whole life ... can really scare ... you. And you go out there and you do it and you're okay."

Fulenwider asked Handler about how she chooses comedians for her show. "As a woman," Handler said, "you have the responsibility to take care of other women."