Find Out How This 'Anti-Princess' Book Series Is Inspiring Latina Girls

Two Argentinean women recently sought out on a mission to change the image of feminism.

Their collection of children's books go against the 'princess' grain. Editor Nadia Fink and illustrator Pitu joined forces to change how female characters are perceived in literature.

Their series of books will aim to demystify the 'anti-princess' narrative while providing young girls with real and relatable women role models.

"We wanted to break with the stereotype that a woman’s beauty is based on what she looks like, and show examples of women who had inner beauty," Fink told  BBC Mundo, as reported by the Latin-centeredonline publication, Remezcla


When it comes to the princess narrative, Fink and Pitu express a desire to represent women "who didn't sit around waiting for a prince to save them" but instead take the initiative to change their own lives.

Latina reports that the first series of the collection will feature the story of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. For the second and third series, Pitu and Fink have a lineup of influential Latina women such as Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra.


For purchasing information on the book, check out Revisit Sudestada.

Read the full article on Latina here.

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