April 2013

Congratulations to MAKERS Excellence in Education Award Winner!

We are pleased to announced the winner of the MAKERS Excellence in Education Award: Katherine C. of Winston-Salem, North Carolina best exemplified th... Read More »

20th Anniversary of Take Our Daughters to Work Day: Its History & Success

Today is the 20th anniversary of Take Our Daughters to Work Day. We took Carol Gilligan's research on how girls' sense of voice and power at adolescen... Read More »

A Message from MAKERS Founder, Dyllan McGee

To our MAKERS community, We are saddened by the tragic events that unfolded yesterday afternoon at the Boston Marathon. Many of you have reached out... Read More »


11 Female Film Characters Who Were Ahead of Their Time

Film is an art form that welcomes the opportunity to showcase stories, fiction or real, that would have otherwise remained untold. We may not realize... Read More »

Equal Pay Day: Continuing Lilly Ledbetter's Fight

Today, April 9, 2013, is National Equal Pay Day, created in 2006 to help raise awareness of the wage gap. The day reflects how far into the current ye... Read More »

Margaret Thatcher: A Great Dame

We lost a true champion of liberty today. Lady Margaret Thatcher passed away at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke. She was a great dame. Brillia... Read More »

Overcoming Violence: 5 MAKERS Talk About Protecting Women

As you may know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, a month dedicated to taking a stance to prevent sexual violence. As the country continues to... Read More »

Mad Women: 1968 in Women's History

This Sunday, AMC's Mad Men returns for its sixth season and takes off in America's transformative year of 1968. While we hope Don Draper becomes enlig... Read More »

Which Incredible Women Inspire Allison Williams? She Shares Her MAKERS Playlist!

If you haven’t heard, I’m the new brand ambassador for Simple®. It’s so exciting, especially since I know how challenging maintaining healthy-l... Read More »

Welcome New MAKERS Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mia Herndon, Marie Wilson, and Diahann Carroll!

In case you missed it, here's a chance to catch up with the wonderful group of new MAKERS March brought in: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, actre... Read More »