MAKER Arianna Huffington Introduces Thrive Global

MAKER Arianna Huffington is hoping to turn a good night's sleep into the corporate world's most celebrated productivity tool. The media mogul launched her new platform Thrive Global on Wednesday.

The idea was spring-boarded by a very important wakeup call for the founder when she collapsed at work from exhaustion, falling hard enough on the corner of a desk to break her cheekbone.

"Nothing was wrong, except everything was wrong," Huffington said in reference to the accident. It made her question: What does success actually look like?

The fact that Huffington's success was abundant but she was too tired to enjoy it, led her to create Thrive — a company that's mission is to promote well-being in the workplace.

"When we prioritize our well-being, our decision-making, our creativity, our productivity and our performance dramatically improve across the board," Huffington wrote about the launch on Thrive's website.

Between corporate trainings, workshops, and a media platform, The Thrive Journal, Thrive hopes to host the conversation about changing the way people work and live.

This will range from conversations about wellness, to selling products like non-pharmacological sleep aids, meditation guides, and smartphone-silencing accessories.

Playing into the company's mission of self care, Huffington decided to step down from The Huffington Post in August to focus on Thrive Global's launch. With the company now in full-swing, she hopes that more people will advocate for their own wellness.

"There are going to be micro steps embedded in the stories — because the essence of everything we're doing is about behavior change, rather than simply informing or entertaining," Huffington said.

See more of Huffington's story by watching her exclusive MAKERS video in the player above.

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