This Art Directory Shows the Brilliant Work of "Women Who Draw" Around the World

Oftentimes the beauty of artwork is that it speaks to an audience when words are not enough. And at a time when the voices of women need to be heard in every way, an art directory for female illustrators is paramount.

So when we heard of "Women Who Draw," a directory created by Julia Rothman and Wendy MacNaughton to be an "open directory of female professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists," we were ecstatic.

As female artists themselves, the creators are working "to increase the visibility of female illustrators, with an emphasis on female illustrators of color, LBTQ+, and other minority groups of female illustrators."

Featuring pieces from women representing a variety of races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions, the artwork comes from different places around the world.

See just a few of the amazing pieces below and be sure to visit the Women Who Draw website for the full directory:


Saffa Kahn @saffa.k

A photo posted by Women Who Draw (@thewomenwhodraw) on


Sharene Mullings @shareneashley

A photo posted by Women Who Draw (@thewomenwhodraw) on

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Photo Credit: Dutko/Getty Images