This Artist Is Turning Sexist Comments Into Inspiring Photographs

This Artist Is Turning Sexist Comments Into Inspiring Photographs


Sep 22, 2016

For visual artists like Rora Blue, there are certain objects she often associates with women, ranging from embroidery, skirts, panties, to even a bowl of soup.

They delicately come together for her latest feminist project appropriately titled, "Handle With Care."

The 20 year old first received attention with her poignant, honest photo series "The Unsent Project," a collection of unsent text messages to first loves. Now, she aims to explore sexist comments that have affected her and other women, she said on her Instagram.

"Some phrases are things I have been told at different times during my life, others are comments that other women have submitted to me," she explained in a New York Times article. "The photos aim to capture modern day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today."

Blue invited women and girls to contribute to the topic as well, encouraging them submit their own examples and experiences via Instagram.

"I just wanted to open it up to other women to connect and share their experiences," she said. "In order to really achieve full equality for women, everyone needs to take part."

And yes, she means everyone.

"One guy told me I should be slapped for speaking up about sexism," she said, but she is still hopeful for more positive dialogue.

"I hope it encourages men to get involved in the conversation as well."

We shared some of her images from "Handle With Care" below. To see more of Blue's work, check out her Instagram here.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Rora Blue

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