11 Awesome Pieces of Advice We Heard From Sophia Bush, Michelle Obama and Other Mentors This Year

Throughout the year Levo is lucky enough to talk to some incredible people. Their careers span industries as do their experiences and as a result they have shared some amazing gems of wisdom whether it be about confidence, feeling lost, finding a mentor or planning out your career roadmap. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice from 2016 and be sure to check out their profiles as well!

Lisa Sugar‍, Founder of PopSugar and Author of Power Your Happy
Sugar didn't find her calling until she was 30 and she says that is OK! "It's OK to be clueless at 20 or at 46. I went in to my day to day job knowing I didn't want to do that, but I was aware of it. As long as you know that, it helps. We get so hung up from the beginning. You are expected to pick a major on the first day of college when you are 18! it's OK to work many different jobs as long as you take something away from each one," she told Levo.com.

Maria Rodale, Chairman and Chief Executive of Rodale Inc.
"Trust your gut. Don't be overly focused on what other people think. Be fearless. Have fun. Enjoy every minute. And also, if you find that you aren’t happy with what you are doing, it probably means you need to change something in your life. Change it. Think of yourself as a pioneer. An explorer. It's a great adventure!" She adds, "And also, wearing stockings and high heels will totally bust up your knees. Not worth it."

Danielle Weisberg‍, Co-Founder of theSkimm
"What I would tell my 22 year old self is to take a deep breath and that it all works out. You’re young and you’ve got time to experiment and just do what you really like to do."

Megan Alexander‍, "Inside Edition" Host
"I would tell my younger self it's OK to ask for what you want," she said. She got her first job as a classical music DJ on the night shift (hey, you have to start somewhere) by emailing and calling the radio station. "All the way through my career the majority of the time I ask for the promotion or the opportunity," she explained. And she still does it today! She got more work with Inside Edition because she simply asked about filling in more if someone was out. "The worst that is going to happen is they are going to say no and most likely it won't be because someone doesn't believe in you. It will be because there is so much going on in their lives that they just aren't thinking about it. I want women to know that. Get in there and ask!"

Michelle Obama, First Lady, Founder of #62MillionGirls Initiative
“You don’t want to be with a boy who’s too stupid to know how smart you are. We have to raise our own bars. You cannot be successful when you are around people who drag you down." She continued, "There is no boy at this stage who is cute enough to stop you from getting your education. If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute I wouldn’t be married to the President of the United States."

Bethenny Frankel, CEO and Founder of SkinnyGirl
"You have to know what you know and know what you don’t know."

Samantha Wasser, Co-Founder of byChloe
"The first I would say — and I always say this — but trust your gut. I designed by CHLOE. with the intention of creating I place I knew I would want to go, and going with my gut helped make those tough decisions. Thankfully, our guests responded well to the decisions I made. The second piece would be to make sure that you surround yourself with two types of people — those that can support you emotionally and professionally by providing advice, motivation or a kick in the butt when necessary; and with people that share a similar passion in order to foster the best possible ideas. Finding people to work with that you love, respect and who get the way you think will only end up making your job that much more fulfilling."

Christine Hunsicker, Founder of Gwynnie Bee
"Tone down the sharp edges. As I’ve gotten older, I've become more confident. At 24, I wasn’t there yet and that manifested in probably more defensiveness than I would have liked."

Charlize Theron, Actress and Activist
"There is nothing sexier than a smart woman. Look in the mirror and say I am sexy, I am attractive, I am smart, I am intelligent, I am powerful, I have a voice, I look cute in these jeans! Yes, I don’t have long hair. I have short hair. But I am still a girl and I am hot. We have to take ownership in all that stuff."

Catalina Girald, Founder of Naja Lingerie
"When you start a company you don't realize the number of ups and downs there are gonna be. At the beginning you’re on this roller coaster and you are super high and then you’ll have this major drop and you will feel like you can’t even get out of bed. What you have to do is not let your emotions get the best of you. So what I do now is take this flat road to everything. When something really good happens I don’t actually get that excited and then if something terrible happens I don’t get upset about it. A problem is a problem, but if you dwell on it you’re not going to be able to move forward."

Sophia Bush‍, Actress and Activist
"Failure is part of life. I wish we would stop looking at it as though it’s a negative when something doesn't work out, or we don’t get that job, or we don’t feel like we have don’t enough. Not realizing that both ups and downs are valuable robs so many of us of being able to be truly present and open. So yay failure. Make it a positive!"

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