Bana al-Abed, the 7-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Who Has Shared Her Story On Social Media, Is Now Writing a Memoir

Bana al-Abed, the 7-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Who Has Shared Her Story On Social Media, Is Now Writing a Memoir


Apr 13, 2017

Bana al-Abed, the 7-year-old Syrian refugee who has been an outspoken advocate for Syrian people on social media, is now releasing a memoir about her experiences.

Being published by Simon & Schuster, al-Abed's "Dear World" is an important story to tell, senior editor at the company, Christine Pride said.

The young "Harry Potter" fan was retweeted by J.K. Rowling and has since been sent books by the famous author after al-Abed's mother made the point that the books were hard to buy in their home of Aleppo.

Documenting her life and struggles in real time, sharing fears of air strikes, hunger, and possibilities of death, al-Abed shared with the world her family's escape to Turkey from Aleppo and has introduced new perspectives concerning the Syrian people.

"Like so many others, I was completely captivated by Bana's tweets from Syria, which were harrowing and heartbreaking and put a human face to this terrible quagmire," Pride said. "Recalling iconic young heroines such as Malala Yousafzai, Bana's experiences and message transcend the headlines and piece through the political noise and debates to remind us of the human cost of war and displacement."

The book will be published through Salaam Reads, a S&S imprint focused on young Muslim protagonists, HelloGiggles reports.

"I am so happy to have this opportunity to tell my story and the story of what has happened in Aleppo to the world," al-Abed said in a statement. "I hope my book will make the world do something for the children and people of Syria and bring peace to children all over the world who are living in war."

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