Be The Hero: Get to Know Kanya Balakrishna's Story

Be The Hero: Get to Know Kanya Balakrishna's Story


Sep 2, 2015

Kanya Balakrishna is the co-founder of The Future Project, an organization committed to helping young people realize their dreams.

Founded in September 2011, The Future Project is a national campaign to empower young people to live extraordinary lives of passion and purpose. Fully-embedded in high schools, their mission is to help students understand and set their own goals.

How does it work?

The Future Project dispatches full-time Dream Directors — highly trained, world-class leaders and entrepreneurs — into high schools and charges them with mobilizing a coalition of students and staff who channel their passions to build student-led Future Projects (campaigns, organizations, products) that impact their schools and communities. 

Learn more about its co-founder by watching her exclusive "Be The Hero" episode above, and be sure to check back weekly as we launch a brand new "Be The Hero video.

Catch up on last week's episode, featuring Regina Wilson.

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Photo/Video Credit: Getty Images, Historic Films, The Future Project 

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