Bernie Sanders and Pharrell Williams Want to #MAKERaBreaker

With just days left until election day, the Hillary Clinton campaign is generating as much energy possible by appealing to the most energetic voters: the youngest ones.

In a final push to ignite enthusiasm among young voters, Bernie Sanders joined forces with musician Pharrell Williams for a rally in North Carolina.

Clinton requested their presence in the student-dominant city of Raleigh, N.C. "The old definition of leadership is ‘look at me, I’m a leader," Williams said. "The new definition of a leader should be ‘No actually, look at you, I'm listening,' and that's what we have in Hillary Clinton."

Williams continued to praise Hillary’s strength, saying, "I'm not here to defend Hillary. She's a big girl, she can do that all by herself."

Sanders perpetuated the already enthused crowd, making a case for the Clinton presidency. He mentioned that she would raise the minimum wage, reverse the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, advocate for equal pay for women, and paid family leave, and take steps to address global warming, according to USA Today coverage.

"I worry very, very much that this country is slipping into an oligarchical form of society where a handful of billionaires control our economic and political life," Sanders said.

Watch her iconic 1995 human rights speech in the player above, and see the full video of Thursday night's rally in North Carolina below.

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