10 Agatha Christie Books You Should Read in Honor of What Would Have Been Her 125th Birthday

125 years ago today, the world's best selling novelist Agatha Christie was born.

The "Queen of Crime" is best known for writing 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, as well as penning the world's longest-running play.

"Agatha Christie was the greatest exponent of the classical detective story. Her unique literary talents have crossed every boundary of age, race, class, geography and education. While she refined the template for a fictional form, the reading of her books became an international pastime," lifelong Christie fan Jon Curran, who edited the official Agatha Christie Newsletter for many years, told The Guardian.

To celebrate her legacy there are exciting events, campaigns and productions set to take place throughout the year taking place this month, according to her website.

We've gathered 10 of our favorite Agatha Christie crimes novels below that you should read in honor of what would of been her 125th birthday:

1. "The ABC Murders"

2. "A Murder Announced"  

3. "And Then There Were None"

4. "Five Little Pigs"

5. "Crooked House"

6. "Endless Night"

7. "A Murder of Rock Ackroyd"

8. "Death On the Nile"

9. "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"

10. "The Mysterious Affairs at Styles"

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Photo Credit: Agatha Christie, Facebook