These Are the Best Colleges for Female Entrepreneurs

Though many of the skills entrepreneurs need to succeed aren't usually taught in a classroom — taking risks, sales experience, and just basic fearlessness — more and more colleges are developing curriculums to help breed startup founders.

After all, starting a company a few years after college is the new law or medical degree. And women are really driving this movement — they're graduating from some of the top schools in the nation.

According to new data from CrunchBase, out of the 14,341 American-based startups launched between 2009 and 2014 that received funding about 15.5 percent, or 2,226, of those businesses had at least one female founder.

The data also analyzed 3,616 female founders and looked at which colleges and universities were producing the most. So who came out on top? Stanford University headed up the list with 236. Some notable alums include Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes (who dropped out), Polyvore co-founder Jess Lee, and Levo's CEO Caroline Ghosn. Here are the rest of the top-producing schools:

• Harvard University with 235
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 127
• University of California, Berkeley with 105
• Columbia University with 105
• University of Pennsylvania with 103

In 2009, only about 9.5 percent of startups had at least one female founder. In 2014, the percentage jumped to 18, proving that these programs and focus are working. This is especially impressive considering that it's usually harder for women to secure venture capital funding. But it may help to combat these hardships if aspiring entrepreneurs can start pursuing their goals as early as the age of 18 years old.

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