Best Countries for Feminists to Visit in Europe

Women have made bold strides for gender equality worldwide. 

Make your next trip a Euro trip. We've created a gallery of the eight best European countries for feminists, and we've even included a summer destination spot in each country for some fun in the sun — because we're already looking way ahead (and it's never too early to start booking summer travel). 

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Photo Credit: Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images


Iceland | Iceland is known for being the world's most feminist country. They are the first country to outlaw strip clubs for feminist reasons and they have an openly gay female leader. Visit Reykjavik, a popular summer destination for whale watching.  Photo Credit: Getty Images/Flickr RF

Finland | In 1906 Finland was the first country to grant women unrestricted rights to vote and run for parliament. Since then, the country has continued to focus on gender equality among all aspects of life. Visit Linnansaari National Park, known for its scenic views, for some camping, canoeing, fishing and seal watching.  Photo Credit: scanrail

Sweden | Sweden is among the countries with the most gender-equal societies. The country is well known for supporting women’s education and childcare support, allowing men and women to share maternity leave and helping women get back to work faster. Visit Lulea this summer for good eating, shopping and outdoors activities. Photo Credit: Johner Images

Norway | Norway was the first country to pass a law on gender equality. Visit Flam, for hiking, biking, kayaking and waterfalls.  Photo Credit: Peter Adams via Getty Images

The United Kingdom | In the United Kingdom, prenatal care is free and more women are in higher education programs than men. Visit Blackpool, a popular seaside desitation, for amusement parks, beaches and the zoo. Photo Credit: Alexander Hafemann via Getty Images