4 Empowering Movies You Need to Watch This Fall

Popcorn, a soda cup as big as your face, and movies directed by strong women with powerful female characters. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to us! Out of all the big debuts hitting silver screens this season, here are the must-watches (each of which have been compared to your favorite go-tos for easy convincing).

Rally your favorite girl squad and get your tix stat!

If you liked "The Devil Wear’s Prada," see "The Intern," which comes out today!

It's weird to say that we've all been in Robert De Niro's shoes, but when it comes to this movie, it's true. De Niro plays the intern to Anne Hathaway, who plays the CEO and founder of an online fashion site (seriously, how do we get that internship?). We're so excited to see Hathaway leave behind her Devil-assistant days and play the #girlboss of her own company.

Oh, and did we also mention that "The Intern" is directed by writer and director extraordinaire, Nancy Meyers? You can't go wrong here.

If you liked "Girl Rising," see "He Named Me Malala," which comes out October 9.

At just 18 years old, Malala Yousafzai has already won the Nobel Peace Prize, addressed the United Nations, and co-founded a fund that supports girls' education. This new documentary will take you behind the scenes into the extraordinary, yet everyday life of an inspiring woman who constantly reminds all of us to work hard for what we believe in.

If you liked "The Social Network," see "Steve Jobs," which comes out October 9.

What are you reading this story on right now? A MacBook Air? Your iPhone? It’s easy to see the impact that Steve Jobs has made in the 21st century and will continue to make for years to come, but this film offers an intimate look at what it means to start and run arguably one of the most influential companies in the world. NBD.

If you liked "Jawed Angels," see "Suffragette," which comes out October 23.

This election year is poised to be more exciting than ever with two female presidential candidates, but back in the early 1900s, women weren't even allowed inside a voting booth. "Suffragette" is the story of the first women activists who stood up for this important right, even when it was a seemingly crazy and dangerous thing to do. The film also features Meryl Streep playing Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the suffragette movement in Britain, so really, how can you miss this one?

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Photo Credit: The Intern / Facebook