9 Podcasts That Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman

9 Podcasts That Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman

By Levo

Oct 7, 2015

We all know that podcasts are incredibly entertaining, but they also give people a platform to use their own voice and tell their own stories.

These nine shows below feature women exploring the world, talking about the world, or simply creating something the world has never seen before. Download some episodes, and let these #girlbosses inspire you, educate you, and show you all they have to offer.

1. Another Round
Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton are both writers at Buzzfeed (#dreamjob) and their work focuses on things like race, gender, and pop culture. And now they’ve brought their voices to the podcast Another Round, where they continue the conversation about race, gender, culture and more (you’ve might guessed from the title that there is occasionally some drinking involved). They also interview badass writers and tell corny jokes. What more could you ask for?

2. The Mystery Show
The Mystery Show, hosted by StarleeKine, is one of those podcasts where the second I mention it to a friend, we’ll both immediately start talking about which episodes we love, what parts make us laugh and cry, and how we’re kind of obsessed with Kine’s voice. Throughout the episodes, Kine solves random and seemingly unimportant mysteries, but the real magic of the podcast is her curious, kind, and intelligent conversations with everyone she meets along the way.

3. Invisibilia
Co-hosts Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel host NPR’s Invisibilia, a show dedicated to, you guessed it, all things invisible. The show focuses on thoughts, ideas, emotions — all those ambiguous and interesting topics that lend themselves to some fascinating and gut-wrenching stories. Be on the lookout for a second season of Invisibilia which will, fingers crossed, be coming out soon.

4. Women of Marvel
If you love comics, join SanaAmanat, Adri Cowan, Judy Stephens, and Emily Shaw, who all work at Marvel, as they talk about, well, all things Marvel. Even if you’re not well-versed in the comic book world, this women-led podcast is your perfect intro.

5. Black Girls Talking
Black Girls Talking is one of those podcasts where you just wish you could actually be in the room with these women, laughing and having great discussions right alongside them. Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou talk about pop culture, the representation of people of color, and occasionally interview awesome ladies such as Levo 100 honoree Janet Mock. They’re also currently accepting submissions to their podcast’s new blog, The Annex, so get listening and get writing.

6. How to Be a Girl
This is a show I immediately downloaded the second I heard about it. How To Be a Girl features mother Marlo Mack and her seven-year-old transgender girl. (This isn’t her real name; she wants to let her daughter decide who knows she’s transgender when she’s older, so it’s Mack’s way to protect her privacy.) Mack is honest and thought-provoking as she shares how her and her daughter go about living their authentic lives. It’s also beautiful to listen to, so props to this awesome mom’s producing skills.

7. Call Your Girlfriend
Listening to Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow on Call Your Girlfriend, you automatically want to be a part of their cool, sassy, feminist friend group. They talk about everything you'd talk about with your own BFF: periods, Hillary Clinton, national parks, etc. Plus their show, produced by Gina Delvac, is 100 percent filled with lady power.

8. Fiction Kitchen
This show combines two of the greatest things the world has to offer: books and food. Carrie and Diana host these adventures in the kitchen where they get inspiration from everything from Pride and Prejudice to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (To give you an example, when talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Carrie cooks a “Violet Beauregarde’s Three Course Dinner.”)

9. Serial
There's no way to make a list of podcasts by women without mentioning Serial. Hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by Dana Chivvis and Julie Snyder, Serial has almost become synonymous with the word podcast. The first season delves into the murder of a high school girl in Baltimore, and the resulting episodes were dramatic, suspenseful, and an incredible piece of storytelling. It’s no wonder this team won a Peabody award for their work!

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Photo Credit: Ezra Bailey / Getty Images

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