Great Life Advice For Everybody, From Ages 6 to 91

By Danica Lo

If you've ever wished you could impart wisdom, in hindsight, to a younger version of yourself, then check out this charming (and wise) video, where people from all walks of life — from ages 7 to 93 — offer advice to younger generations.

Some of my personal favorites from the video?

· Advice for 9 year olds: "Don't get involved with the popular kids, they're narcissistic capitalists who know nothing about politics."
· Advice for 18 year olds: "Go easy on the makeup, you're not as ugly as you think."
· Advice for 21 year olds: "If he says he has a weekend home in the suburbs? He's married."
· Advice for 28 year olds: "Back up your hard drive. Now."
· Advice for 34 year olds: "Stop panicking, being a single mom is an incredible thing."
· Advice for 51 year olds: "One cat is enough cats."
· Advice for 85 year olds: "Indulge your sweet tooth, you'll need dentures soon anyway."
· Advice for 91 year olds: "Don't listen to other people's advice, nobody knows what the hell they're doing."

What's the best advice someone older has ever given you?

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Photo Credit: Adam Hester via Getty Images