7 Must-Listen Podcasts By Women for Women

7 Must-Listen Podcasts By Women for Women


Sep 16, 2015

As of recently, podcasts seem to be the new radio — a go-to source for useful information on anything and everything.

Unlike the typically male-dominated space of on-air radio, podcasts are becoming a space where women's voices are being heard. 

Here are seven podcasts by women we can't get enough of.

1. Girl on Guy
Funny lady and best friend in our heads Aisha Tyler is the creator of Girl on Guy. A self-proclaimed guy's girl, Tyler rifts on about art, culture, comedy, booze, physical injuries, "stuff guys love," and other normal things like zombies and ninjas. With hilarious topics and a star-studded lineup of guests like the most recent LL Cool J and Joe Manganiello, it's no wonder the podcast won iTunes' best new comedy podcast in 2011.

2. Death, Sex and Money
Host of WNYC favorite podcast Death, Sex and Money, Anne Sale ponders life's biggest questions and themes that are often considered taboo, inappropriate or controversial in everyday polite conversation. Sale brings in celebrities and regular people alike to talk about relationships, money, love, work, and "making it all count while we're here."

3. Invisibilia
Launched in January 2015, "Invisibilia" — Latin for "all the invisible things" — addresses the many facets of human behavior through engaging storytelling paired with revelations on new psychological and brain science research. Hosts and creators Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel — who both helped create podcast fan-favorites like Radiolab and This American Life— explore deep and profound thoughts that shape our actions, belief systems, ideas, and daily lives.

4. Call Your Girlfriend
The friendship between creators Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow inspired the podcast, "Call Your Girlfriend." Dubbed "a podcast for long distance besties everywhere," the show talks about all things normally discussed between best friends like 'Kimye,' adulthood, budgeting, and Hillary Clinton, to name a few.

5. 2 Brown Girls 
2 Brown Girls is hosted by New York-based writers and critics Zeba Blay and Fariha Roisin.  The show touches on pop culture, film and television vis-a-vis the unique perspective of underrepresented voices and images, like POC.

6. She Does
Whether you're at your dream job or just starting out, balancing work-life and creative endeavors is always difficult to master. She Does podcast features "creative minds working in media," focusing on intimate conversations with women in a wide range of disciplines. 

7. Stuff Your Mom Never Told You
Hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, Stuff Mom Never Told You opens up a candid space where women can "get down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle." Both Conger and Ervin call themselves "girls-next-door gender experts" who break down the muddled meanings and interpretations of biology, psychology, and sociology of men and women — from caveman era to today's millennial wave.  

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