The Best Quotes From The 2017 MAKERS Conference That Will Inspire You to #BEBOLD

MAKERS brought together hundreds of trailblazing women at The 2017 MAKERS Conference in early February to shine a light on women's issues and to create an action plan for moving forward.

Though the three-day event has come and gone, we are continuing the conversation in order to encourage everyone to #BEBOLD with us.

Inspired by the dozens of speakers who illuminated the conference stage, we have compiled some of the best quotes from the event.

From Gloria Steinem and Octavia Spencer, to Megan Smith and Priscilla Chanscroll through the list below for many highlights that will inspire you to #BEBOLD.

• "Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female... We need strong women to step up and speak out. We need you to dare greatly and lead boldly." —MAKER Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former Secretary of State, in exclusive welcome video for The 2017 MAKERS Conference

• "What we know as history, is not history." —MAKER Gloria Steinem, Feminist Writer, Activist, & Organizer

• "To me, 'making it' is just being paid to do what you love to do… I think we have to change the scope of how we dream." —Octavia Spencer, Actress & Producer

• "How many times have we gotten to the table and asked: 'Where are the other women?'... Until we raise our voices together, we will never ever be where we should be." —Ella Bell, Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

• "Together we are a vital unifying force." —MAKER Maria Pepe, Trailblazer for Girls in Little League

• "Our voices must not be oppressed... Right now our voices are the answer to our survival." —Kathy Najimy, Award-Winning Actress & Activist

• "To every woman out there I say 'Hold on, hold on for dear life to that power. Because it is your fucking birthright.'" —Zosia Mamet, Actress, Singer-Songwriter, & Columnist

• "I learned from women who helped me through the darkest times, who helped me build a bridge of sturdy hope, who helped me and showed me the way to kick up my heels in the sun. And I became the loveliest one." —Rosie Perez, Actor & Activist

• "This is who I am. I have a strong nose, I have small breasts. I will never be cast as the Regal British Queen. I will never be the Exotic Beauty... And NOT because there’s something WRONG with me. There is something wrong with Hollywood, and our culture’S painfully narrow definition of what a valuable, vital, beautiful woman looks like." —Debra Messing, Award-Winning Actress & LGBT/HIV Activist

• "Use every chance you get to change critical mindsets... We can't see the peak, but we're going to get there." —Joanna Barsh, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

• "Diverse teams make better things." — MAKER Megan Smith, The 3rd U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Entrepreneur, & Engineer

• "We are going to turn you into sheCANics." —Patrice Banks, Founder, Girls Auto Clinic

• "If you don't become the storyteller, then your stories won't be told." —MAKER Eva Longoria, Actress, Producer, Philanthropist, & Businesswoman

• "Nobody hands us anything, we have to touch every rung of the ladder." —MAKER Christy Haubegger, Agent, Creative Arts Agency (CAA)

• "For women, we've never gotten anything without fighting for it." —Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

• "I've never met a woman who is not strong." —MAKER Diane von Furstenberg, Fashion Designer & Philanthropist

• "If we want power to move from power, we have to take it." —Leanne Pittsford, CEO & Founder, Lesbians Who Tech, TechUp, &

• "We need to do far more listening and far less lecturing." —Lydia Polgreen, Editor-In-Chief, The Huffington Post

• "You have to be willing to let go of what's comfortable." —Sarah Robb O'Hagan, Business Leader, Activist, & Entrepreneur

• "I'm a big believer in putting all eggs in one basket and making sure that basket is golden." —MAKER Lilly Singh, Entertainer

• "If you don't have everybody's pieces, you can't complete the puzzle." —MAKER Tamika Catchings, Former WNBA Player & Co-Founder, Catch The Stars Foundation

• "I believe no woman can do it alone, we have a responsibility to each other." —MAKER Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook

• "We want to be sure that women are treated fairly throughout the entire process at every step of the way... I think it’s up to companies to really take a stand and to be sure that they are doing what they need to do to get it done." —Lori Goler, Global Head of People, Facebook

• "When you hand girls tools and a tiara, you are handing out confidence... and most of all power." —MAKER Judaline Cassidy, Union Plumber, Local Union NYC

• "Use the power that you have to demand action... bold action." —Vicki Shabo, Vice President, National Partnership for Women & Families

• "If we could have done it alone, we would have by now. It does take a village." —Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient & Creator, The Girls' Lounge

• "Encourage people to be comfortable being uncomfortable." —Erica Baker, Senior Engineer, Slack Technologies

• "By encouraging disclosure, we hope we can get closer and faster to reaching gender parity by catalyzing a virtuous cycle." —Angela Sun, Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Bloomberg L.P.

• "In a patriarchy, men see and women are looked at." —MAKER Jill Soloway, Award-Winning Director, Writer, & Artist

• "We need to be a part of storytelling... and really advocate for issues we care about." —Priscilla Chan, Co-Founder, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative & CEO, The Primary School

• "Be bold, be just, and then we will all be free." —MAKER Salamishah Tillet, Co-Founder, A Long Walk Home, Inc.

• "I dare you to take that higher road sometimes." —Gabby Douglas, U.S. Champion Gymnast

• "We have so many people before us who chose to speak out and say this isn’t right. We owe it to the people who are behind us." —Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Champion Fencer & Activist

• "The work I do everyday is powered by the stories of ordinary people." —MAKER Sherrilyn Ifill, President & Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense Fund

• "If you can see it, you can be it." —Andrew Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, BBDO

• "Equal means equal or it means nothing at all." —Patricia Arquette, Actress & Activist

• "None of us scale beyond ourselves, we need others to succeed." —Ty Stiklorius, Founder & CEO, Friends At Work

• "The main thing is giving our girls the opportunities. Give them a Barbie doll, but also give them a sheCANic tool set... and let them know they can do this just like the guys." —Leland Melvin, Astronaut

• "As men it's our duty to want to treat women equal and... to give them the same opportunities." —Russell Wilson, Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

• "I'm here to remind you all that you are in the driver's seat." —Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Founder, President, & CEO, The Representation Project

• "I would love for my girls to see the Mount Rushmore of women." —Jimmy Lopez, father of The Splash Sisters

• "No matter where you came from, you deserve a seat at this table." —Taylor Barnes, Director, The United State of Women

• "If not now, when? If not me, who?" —Wendy Carrillo, Human Right Journalist, Entrepreneur, & Candidate for U.S. Congress

• "We're in a place right now where the impossible HAS to be possible." —Brittany Packnett, VP of National Community Alliances, Teach For America

• "Democracy is all of us. We raise our voices, we shape our future." —Bellamy Young, Acclaimed Actress & Singer

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