Black Girls Code Is Moving Into Google's New York Offices

This might be one of the most exciting moves of the year yet.

On Wednesday, members of Black Girls Code will move into a 6,000 square foot space in Google's New York City offices. The new space will serve as a classroom and center for programs on the East Coast.

Black Girls Code was created in 2011 and aims to provide technology education like coding and computer programming to black girls between the ages of 7 and 17. In a new partnership, Google will have the opportunity to interact and seek women of color to bolster their business, while BGC will likely have a unique advantage to internship and mentorship opportunities.

"This space will allow BGC to create and incubate programs for our tech divas in our office which will double as a teaching space for us," said BGC founder Kimberly Bryant in an interview with For Harriet. "And the proximity to Google's headquarters provides countless opportunities for our girls to envision a future in tech- to touch it, feel it, experience it, and eventually be it."

In a stark diversity report released in 2015, Google revealed that just 2 percent of its entire staff is black. And according to the National Science Foundation in 2013, just 2 percent of black women worked in science and engineering professions.

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