It's Bond, Jane Bond: 6 Women Who Would Make a Killer 007

By Vogue

May 25, 2016

It's Bond, Jane Bond: 6 Women Who Would Make a Killer 007

By Patricia Garcia

While promoting his latest Bond film, "Spectre," Daniel Craig caused quite a stir last year when he insinuated that he was no longer interested in playing the martini-drinking secret agent.

Craig later backtracked, but that didn't stop Bond fanatics from speculating about the next 007. Actor Idris Elba was an early favorite, and rumors gathered such force, the Luther star even grew weary of the suggestion.

"I'm probably the most famous Bond actor in the world and I’ve not even played the role," he once said. "Enough is enough. I can't talk about it any more."

Later, fans targeted their sights on Tom Hiddleston, who even played a spy in the recent AMC miniseries "The Night Manager." Reports of a meeting between the actor and Spectre director Sam Mendes added fuel to the fire, and Hiddleston quickly became the frontrunner. His odds became so overwhelmingly favorable that London bookmakers even canceled their Bond-to-be bets.

Most recently, however, another potential heir to the Bond throne surfaced: Gillian Anderson. Over the weekend, a fan-led Twitter campaign threw its support behind the "X-Files" actress. And Anderson seemed to agree: "It's Bond. Jane Bond," she tweeted on Saturday along with a photo of her Photoshopped into Bond's iconic poster.

Quantico’s breakout star, Priyanka Chopra, also has begun campaigning for the coveted role. During an interview with Complex, the actress addressed the frequent suggestion that she should be cast as the next Bond girl: "I get that all the time," she said. "But fuck that — I wanna be Bond." (There's precedent there, too; in the upcoming remake of 'Baywatch,' Chopra will play a villainous oil tycoon, a part that was originally written for a man.)

With a male M now as Bond's superior and the forthcoming all-female "Ghostbusters" film, there's never been a better time to give a woman a license to kill. With that in mind, here, we suggest six actresses (mostly British, we had to keep a bit of tradition, after all) who have the style, sophistication, and attitude needed to play the next 007.

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Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Getty Images


Emily Blunt | By starring in both action movies ("Edge of Tomorrow," "Sicario") and comedies ("The Five-Year Engagement"), Blunt has already proven she has the combat skills and charisma to play the devilish spy. Photo Credit: Associated Press
Rosamund Pike | Yes, we know, Pike already played a Bond girl in "Die Another Day." But wouldn’t it be so gratifying to see an actress go from femme fatale to feminist action hero in the same franchise? Talk about a power play. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Gal Gadot | The Israeli former model turned action star has a leg up on her peers since she's the only candidate who has trained as an actual soldier. Although going from "Wonder Woman" to mere mortal spy does kind of seem like a demotion, doesn't it? Photo Credit: Getty Images
Gugu Mbatha-Raw | While this talented up-and-coming actress has stayed away from action films, we have no doubt that Mbatha-Raw is up to the challenge. She’s played an international hip-hop star in "Beyond the Lights," an adopted aristocrat in "Belle," and a half-deer, half-human creature in "Jupiter Rising," so taking on Bond should be a cinch. Is it too early to suggest Idris Elba as her Bond guy love interest? Photo Credit: Getty Images
Daisy Ridley | At 24, the newest "Star Wars" hero is a bit young to take on the role of a seasoned international spy, so perhaps she’d play the long-lost daughter of one of Bond’s paramours who is now looking to get into the family business. You're welcome, Sam Mendes. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Victoria Beckham | Okay, so Beckham isn't exactly an actress — don't forget about "Spice World" — but the fashion designer is the definition of debonair. Can you blame us for imagining Posh sipping a martini while effortlessly defeating her enemies with her sharp stiletto heel? Just think of the wardrobe possibilities! Photo Credit: Associated Press

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